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Love our neighbourhood – full week scheme of work

We have designed a week-long scheme of work called Love Our Neighbourhood which can be delivered in full as a collapsed curriculum week or integrated into the school timetable as stand-alone activities. Activities are designed to unleash creativity, link to national curriculum and support Ofsted’s requirement for cultural capital. Click on the cards below to see a day-by-day breakdown of activities or use the search engine to find an activity of your choice.

All resources are free.

Activities detailed by day

When possible, it’s recommended to work through the tasks as laid out per day, but where that’s not possible, for example, with constraints on your time. You can choose individual activities that aren’t dependent on prior knowledge of other tasks in the ‘individual activities’ search section below.

Search individual activities

You can select activities based on the type of inquiry, subject matter, skill or activity type. So if you want to find activities you can do in the classroom that are geographic-based, select those criteria below to find what resources and lesson plans relate.

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