Creative task (Day 1)

Learning Objective:

To gain knowledge and understanding of placemaking through exploring the school grounds and surrounding local area. To use the design, make, evaluate process to put forward ideas on how an area could be improved.


Pupils produce designs for a place or space in the school grounds or local area. They can approach the design task thinking about a particular theme e.g. transport and connectivity, nature and biodiversity. They will draw out a map of their area to scale, with option to explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats existing in the area as it is now, before re-designing how they think it could be transformed for the better. They present back their ideas to the class.


Site analysis fieldwork activity, understanding scale, features of human and physical Geograpy, map-drawing

Curriculum Links:

English, Maths, Geography, Design and Technology, Art


Duration: One hour

Activity type: Classroom, Group, Small team,

Key skills: Art, Communication skills, Design skills, Drawing, Leadership, Listening skills, Presentation skills, Public speaking, Teamwork, Understanding scale,


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